Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Greatest Show - Year 5&6 Production 2018

As the week closes and next week looms, we are all busy blogging about our inquiry this term.

We have fulfilled a community expectation but in a very innovative way :)

The Year 5 & 6 students have taken complete ownership of writing, designing, creating, constructing, acting and being in charge of all the high level technical needs of a modern show.

Without giving too much away, here's a sneak peak at some of the fruits of our labours:

Georgia as - BB
Harry as - Big Bad Wolf

Ashton as - The Golden Apple Tree
 Victoria as - Kermit the Frog 

Miya as - oldest pig
Shilei as - the Showman

Stanley as - Squirrel
See you next week.... Break a leg Year 5&6 students - You're AWESOME!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

It's been a happening place!!! :)

Our inquiry has been consuming and I didn't get round to doing some things. Blogging was one I'm afraid.

We have been immersed in preparing the best we can for our production next week. I've been teaching for a long time now and I can honestly say, hand on heart, I have never had the pleasure of experiencing anything quite like what the Y5&6 students have accomplished this term. We were all a little skeptical at the beginning of the term, thinking we had maybe bitten off more than we could chew (or more importantly more than students could chew).

There have been challenging times. We have reframed and met each one with grit and determination and found success at each hurdle. We have learnt the importance of 'down time' and looking after ourselves/each other and minding our reactions as Showtime approached and outcomes needed to be realised.

And BOY! are we proud of what we have achieved! Of what our students have achieved. Through engaging their learner behaviours they have quite simply created something they can be very proud of. I have promised not to give too much away but would also like to show how amazing the skills of our students are.

More about us and some 'The Greatest Show' sharing later. Today our Year 1-4 students and teachers shared their learning in a massive workshop day. I was jut in awe of our students. How happy today was! How amazing the cycle of learning this inquiry has given and how when students are put at the centre of their learning they absolutely blow us away!

Here's some of todays experiences:

Jo Kember has been instrumental in pulling all the strings together so that days like today are so magical. She sent this to us all tonight (it was to beautiful not to share!):

I would like to thank Jo for all her hard work, thought and organisation she put in to what we produced this term. We are lucky to have her!

On that note, I will follow-up with some Year 5&6 The Greatest Show exploits tomorrow. I promise :)

Monday, June 11, 2018

M2 try's salted caramel scorpions

Hello and welcome to a blog post written and inspired by a student.

As you have read in the title this is about some of my class mate's who ate some salted caramel scorpion.

So, I  (me Dylan) who is writing this blog post brought some salted caramel scorpions to school after a trip to the zoo over the weekend. My friend Mihaka filmed everyone's reaction's. It was surprising how so many of us didn't want to try it because it was a scorpion, duh! Some people were really overdoing their disgust at the prospect of putting it in their mouths.

So, here they are:

Mrs Harland here now, not wanting to let a teachable moment go by. Writing this week will use the experience to write descriptively about. I will post the student efforts as they complete the task.

Please give them feedback if you can.

Michaella's writing

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Cool things happening at WGP

I have really enjoyed teachers sharing awesome stuff their students are doing and wanted to share here.

Check out B8's cool story:

B8 were motivated to write this amazing piece after exploring our class blog. It was on our class blog because Kevin (Mr Cronin) shared an updated version of the Whangaparaoa School Annual Plan.  IMAGINE A SCHOOL.... was a link on that documernt and M2 thought it was so powerful they wanted me to put it on our class blog.

I think it's very interesting and exciting where, how and when learning is accessed in this new Digital Age - I love it.

It's very exciting wandering around school during learning times this term. The performance art inquiry is really bringing the environment to life and many cool events and happenings are occurring. One release day I had the pleasure of sharing the learning in A5 following their trip this term. Check our this great art work:

A5 Curator for the Art Event - Maria Van Der Loos

Lastly this week, I couldn't let this post be completed without mentioning the Cross Country event planned and executed by our one and only Mr Warren, or Mr Steele, I use both :)
It was once again fun, organised and a great event had by all. See the photos below as proof!

Loads of fun had by all!

Friday, May 25, 2018

PenPal Blogging & Student responses to Trusted Learner Licence

We've been really busy getting on with business this week.

We have enjoyed exploring Room 14 from Papatoetoe West School.
Pap-West 14
It's really awesome to see what other students are doing in their learning and comment on their efforts. We look forward to them reciprocating. We know how much our learning can improve with feedback from a range of sources and another Year 5/6 class helping us with our learning is going to be so, so awesome.

This week the students have been exploring what it means to be a trusted learner. What it means to be self-directed and know their next learning steps. Following on from last weeks blog I am really pleased to share some student responses to the Learner Licence Drawing:

Here are some of the student responses:

Mihaka: (don't forget to click the presentation link)



What does it take to hold a ‘Trusted Learner Licence’?
Wanting to work out of 9 till 3 so that you can value your learning.

Why is it important to develop ‘Life-Long Learner’ behaviours?  So that in the future you can own your own
Learning no matter what subject, what you do, where you are or how old.

What Learner Behaviours do successful people (students) exhibit? Focused, mind there distractions, share ideas, Work well with other people, take in there ideas with good Feedback and feedforward   

What Learner Behaviours do you have? Gets the work done in the time span, focused, always listening to other ideas.   

What Learner Behaviours do you wish you had better? Mind my distractions better, better feedback and feedforward to their ideas.


Ww would love to hear what you think about the concept of Trusted Learner Licences. I am really enjoying how M2 is developing as learners. They are certainly looking like they will become life-long learners :).

Monday, May 21, 2018

Trusted Learner Licences

In Term 1 the focus was on getting to know ourselves as learners.

Following a raft of data and research around learning behaviours and the difference or shift in schooling, now the industrial revolution is well and truly over ,we find ourselves needing to prepare our students for a very different world than the one we grew up in. This one is... - DIGITAL!

I often have conversations with parents and friends who are 'non-teachers' lamenting the loss of 'the way things were' and I think that's ok. What's not ok is to decide not to provide for the different learner needs just because you don't agree with the way things are in teaching and learning these days. We have to teach responsible use, learners who set goals, reflect & strive to be better and students who truly develop into life long learners.

We need to make sure what we are doing with our students is RELEVANT. We need to bring them into their learning journey and give them agency. If we are not, then I think it's us who are being irresponsible.

That said, something I'd read about and spoken to other professionals about were the concept of Learner Licences. These give students who are fully ready to drive their learning opportunity to do just that. I had read blog posts from teachers at Hobsonville Point School and Ormiston School but it was on a visit to Riverhead School last year where I really embraced the concept after talking with the students there about the process.

Re-introducing Trusted Learner Licences this year was one of the first things M2 students asked to have back. It's taken a term to get our learning where we wanted it so that licences will function effectively but certainly, this term, now, we are ready. Ready for a number of effective learning tools: blogging, learner licences, new and improved visibility and accessibility. Lovin' learning in M2 right now!

See below for the work we did last week, Trusted Learner Licence Images:

To get students thinking about what all that means we used the following presentation. Please note that being a spectator of learning can still be lots of fun, I just want my students to understand and realise that there is much, much more to be had if they are willing to be an active, agentic and truly purposeful learner of today:

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Student BLOGS. Yes, They're Back and they're ready for your feedback!!!

We can't wait to get blogging again.  Students in M2 can't wait to start sharing their learning again on a truly ubiquitous platform.

Feedback here can really make a difference and students really respond to the feedback of strangers in a uniquely, positive way.

We look forward to sharing our learning and showing our progress as we go, proving that responding to feedback is a terrific way to get better and make progress in our learning.

Look right for student blogs :)

Happy reading....