Friday, February 10, 2017

2nd week reflections

Today we reflected on our learning after our first week together.
Everyone in A6 wrote 1 STAR, 1 WONDER & 1 WISH about the experiences we'd had together during the first week.
Read below for what we thought:

My 🌟  this week would definitely have to be getting to know the students in A6. I think it's going to be a fantastic year.
I  💭  what you think is important to learn.
I 🎉 we are always honest and trust each other to make considered choices.
Mrs H

My star is the fun games we played.
My ? is when are we doing our goals?
I wish we could meet Hannah and Matt!
By Dylan :-)

My star moment was getting in groups with my class so i could get to know them.
I wonder????? if we are going to go for a swim in the school pool.
I wish.....we could have a silent class when we were working so that everyone
could get there work done faster.
By Izzy.

My favourite moment was brainstorming with my friends because we collaborated and had fun.
I wonder if I could know how to play capture the flag.
I hope we are a friendly and committed class.
By Mihaka

I wonder if we actually will play a game everyday? I thought the teacher said we could but i don't think we have been. so, will. It. Happen?
Ok so... also I wish I had a plan. But I sorta have busyness in my life so that is my wish.
And finally my 'Best Bit' is that when we finish our work we can work on our passions.
By Flynn

My ☆ was  cooking noodles because we don't usually have a kitchen in our classroom
I ? if we will have a pool party?
I hope we will go out for a game everyday.
by Brooke.

1 star - My favourite bit about this week was our tiles because our tiles are art, and i love art.
1? - I wonder if i can make some close friends in my class?
1 wish - I wish me and A6 can play games all day!
From Ashlie-Marie.

My star moment is seeing my friends because I have lots of fun with them and I have not seen them in a long time.
I wonder if we will get to play chase the flag again.
I hope that we will get to do lots of art.
By Ava.

My all out favourite moment of the week was definitely capture the flag. The reason why, was because it was just so action and strategy packed so it was just all out fun.
I wonder why we took so long to do any proper work during the week. I was expecting to start by Wednesday.
My one wish is to have one massive beach party and do amazing, cool, fun things throughout the day just so we can all get along greatly together.
By Nathaniel

My favourite 🌟 thing so far is silent ball because I had lots of fun having three lives and trying to stay quiet while catching the ball!
I ? if Mrs H is really going to teach us another game???
I hope we can have a pool party!
By Michaella

My star moment was doing my tile because it was fun drawing the koru and now all I want to do is look at it.
I wonder when everyones tiles will be finished?
I wish we could do more maths!
by Jonas

My favourite thing was capture the flag because it was fun.
I wonder how the rest of the year is going to go.
I wish I could improve in my presentation
By Coby

Capture the flag
I wonder when I'll get to use my chrome book?
I wish we could play more games.
By Jayden

My favourite thing so far has been P.E because i like getting excercise.
I wonder if we could have a pool party.
I wish we could meet Hannah and Mat because they have gone far with their sports.
By Olivia

My fav 🌠 is  🎨 art.
I  wonder how I can achive my goals.
I wish to be a big thinker.
By Cade

The one star is about capture the flag playing against A5. it was A6 vs A5, we had
year 5 against year 6 and Boys versus Girls. When the teachers called everyone in, Ms Harland said
''one more match'' before everyone had to get to go to lunch, we played and had lunch.
By Marco

My star was when we played capture the flag because love sport.
My wonder is will our class really have everyone being happy.
My wish is to fly.
By Quincy

1 Star:  Doing our value memes because I like memes. They're funny and tell about life.
1 Wonder???  Why do people hate school?
I Wish:  To be a pineapple. I love pineapple.
By Micatla

1 Star: meeting and getting to know Mrs Harland.
Why?: Because I couldn't wait to meet her all holidays. Now I've met her I think she's awesomer than I had thought she'd be.
1 Wonder?: I wonder if we're actually going to have a pool party?
Why?: because it's a very unique thing for a class to do.
1 Wish: I hope we will have a great year!!!
Why?: because I don't want us to be a mean and ungrateful class.
By Shay-Rose

1 Star: Capture the Flag.
Why? because it was girls.vs.boys.
1 Wonder??? If Mrs Harland will let us do it again.
1 Wish: We will have a awesome year!!!!
By Isla.

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