Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 4 - water focus

Last week we started our formal water lessons.

Firstly, on Wednesday we went to the leisure centre for swimming lessons. A6 is split into 4 ability groups and each group has a qualified instructor taking targeted lessons with appropriate equipment. Next time I promise to remember to take photos and airdrop them immediately to my computer on our return :)

Then, on Thursday we walked down to the beach for our first 2017 session of WATERWISE. See below for a reccount from

Today we went to Waterwise and Mr Steel taught us all the safety rules. We had to swim to bouy and back to prove our water confidence.

 Quincy fell out of his kayak and so did Cade but they were ok. When you fall out it gets full of water and it’s really hard to get it empty and out with the next person.

 While people were waiting they dug holes and had fun and they all made quicksand.

Then at the end they made rafts and got to run across the kayak raft. Last thing was free swim in life jackets.

 We can’t wait till next time!

By Coby, Ava and Cooper

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