Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 5 - Things to Remember

Another busy week coming up in A6:

Monday -
Today we started PATs. These stand for 'Progress & Achievement Tests' and haven't been renamed since before I did them at school :)

We spoke to the students today about how much benefit our teaching gets from these assessment tasks and how it helps to show them their gaps. This is very different from when I did the assessments many years ago. As you would hope.

We spoke about giving themselves the best opportunity to do well - eat and rest well this week!

Finally, we asked students to not worry about the tasks. Worry about these kinds of things is as useful as a chocolate teapot :). Tell your child to use a breathing technique to find calm if they need too.

Tuesday -
12.35 - 1.00pm   Swimming at Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre
Mrs Truebridge teaching

Wednesday -
Reading Comprehension PAT
Cycle Track Official Opening - bring your wheels if you wish to participate

Thursday -
Punctuation & Grammar PAT
Wet & Wild A Team Day

Friday -
Gala Mufti Day
Mathematics PAT


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