Friday, March 24, 2017

Being CyberSMART week 8:

This week we had to design a slideshow to answer the following questions:

  • Someone sends me an unkind message on my chromebook. I will….
  • I accidentally visit a site that I think is nasty, unkind or rude. I will….
  • Someone I trust makes me aware I am spending too much time on screen or using it for the wrong reasons. I will ….

We also learnt about 'free to use' images, (a lot of us used shuttershock, as an example, to make each slide more engaging). Groups that took their own images using their chromebook to show an image of how you'd look reacting to the above possibilities, designed a slideshow that we thought was funny, entertanining, educational and simply awesome!

Check out Jonas, Coby and Cooper's efforts:

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  1. Kia ora A6 especially Jonas, Coby and Cooper,

    My name is James and I am a professional facilitator (like a teacher of teachers) here in Auckland. Seeing your learning and the way you have provided outcomes to situations is really awesome. It can be really tough when you know someone is not using their device appropriately, but because they're your friend you feel bad in reporting them. It takes a village- by that I mean it takes everyone working together to show someone the right way and you being brave, taking the first step is often the hardest.

    Have you thought about how you could use your voice on top of your image to really add some impact to this? Tools like screencastify are great for this sort of thing. Feel free to reply to this if you'd like some help- I know your teacher is a bit of a pro with Screencasts.

    Great to see you sharing your learning in a visible way. Thanks for putting it out there.

    James :-)