Monday, March 6, 2017

Hello from "crazy A6"! This is the pic Kevin took of us last week. He took a serious one too but the crazy one's my favourite :)


Yay! We had our final PAT this morning! I'm looking forward to identifying and setting learning goals with A6 that target individual learning needs!

What this week looks like:

Monday 6 March
PAT - Punctuation & Grammar

Tuesday 7 March
SWIMMING at Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre - bring your togs!

Wednesday 8 March
Wheels - bring your wheels. We do have the school bikes booked!

Thursday 9 March
SENIOR SCHOOL SWIMMING SPORTS - bring your togs, your attitude and your speed :)

Friday 10 March
PASSION FRIDAY - first session begins

NB:  Remember to keep working on those habits: Charge your device every night, Read every night, get plenty of good food and rest, complete your KPIs - You Help You in Your learning!

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  1. Hi Kate. The SENIOR SCHOOL SWIMMING SPORTS is for year 5 as well? How do I know if our child needs gear?