Monday, March 20, 2017

Thinking - last weeks important thing to learn :)

Last week was another busy one! With more new experiences and a real buzz in learning has been established in A6. I contribute this to a couple of things:

1. The students love using their chrome books to compliment their learning
2. The inquiry process is giving them choice in their learning
3. The students are finding out about their learning gaps and setting goals

A5 and A6 have been looking closely at themselves as learners and making decisions about how their learning environment should look based on what we've found about ourselves as learners. We met with Kevin last week to share our findings and we now have new questions to ask of new people as students learn about the innovative learning environments schools are developing to support learning.

They are also fully engaged in their own personal inquiries into "Whangaungatanga". They have identified their own questions to ask around the concepts of relationships and community. We will be sharing the culmination of this learning on: Thursday 6 April.

We also took the school bikes out for our first teaching and learning session last week, had our second session of Waterwise and set our first curriculum goals using our data notebooks. The data notebooks are the vehicle we use to show evidence for our learning goals. On Thursday we looked at and glued in our PAT graph results.


The end of the week culminated in another important piece of learning - THINKING about the consequences of your actions is important for ourselves and our community. This week classes in A Team are discussing how we can do this better following some things that came up and were noticed. We are using our ORCA vision document to do this. Talk to your child about what that means - it should be an interesting conversation :)

WEEK 8 in A6:

Monday:  Class Dojo introduced & meeting with a furniture expert/provider

Tuesday:  Mrs Truebridge teaching in A6

Wednesday:  Library day! Make sure you have your books to return/reissue

Thursday:  Ms Harland visiting Huapai school - A6 working across A Team
                    Lunch time swim for A Team - bring togs

Friday:  KPI and Team Time - This may include water play, will let you know

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