Monday, March 13, 2017

What's important to learn?

Last week we discovered that some things that are important to learn are learnt in unexpected ways and when we least expect it.

From my point of view there were two areas of learning I think stood out as being; the most important and I'd love the students to discuss these with their families if you get the chance.

They were:

1.  Sometimes the minority dictates our learning environment norms! Why does this happen and how can we make sure ALL learners in our room are getting the best possible outcomes?

This came about as we were identifying "What helps us learn?", "Who helps us learn?" and "Where do we learn best?"

We found out that one commonality in A5 and A6 was that most of us value a quiet space to learn at times but we weren't giving them that. We have to now because that's what the data tells us we should :)

2.  We are remembered by the behaviour we exhibit. Last week we visited our local Whangaparaoa Leisure Centre for senior swimming sports. It was an awesome day that was enjoyed and valued by all the students who went. Unfortunately, some damage was caused and some choices that were made reflected on us as a whole.

It made us far more aware of standing up, supporting our peers and saying something if we saw something we didn't like. It made us understand that being pro-active could make a difference.

I hope this motivates some discussion at home :)

Term 1, Week 7

Monday 13 March
Meeting with Mr Cronin to discuss our learning needs and share our learning environment (including concept drawings of our desired learning environment) ideas. 

Tuesday 14 March
SWIMMING at Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre - bring your togs!
Chess club is on

Wednesday 8 March
Wheels - bring your wheels. We have re-booked the school bikes after last weeks washout!

Thursday 9 March
WATERWISE - our second session - 1.00pm-2.10pm

Friday 10 March
Full school assembly - 2.10pm

NB:  Charge your device every night, Read every night, complete your "quote" work if yours is not on dislay!

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