Saturday, April 1, 2017

Learning validated week 9 :)

Last week, I had a student video shared from a school in the South Island. One of my colleagues shared it with me because they knew of the work we have been doing in A5 & A6.

I showed the video to our students yesterday. We have started talking about timetabling our learning each week so that the goals we have written from our curriculum behaviour and data results are owned by the students.

Earlier in the term we started investigating ourselves as learners and how this looks in a modern and innovative learning environment. Many of the things we saw in the video are things we have been inquiring into ourselves.


This is a terrific example of what we are also striving to achieve in A5 & A6. It has been a secondary inquiry for us and we don't have a budget to access but that won't change the practice we are aiming for. I can't wait to see how our learning environment grows, adapts and changes as the learners within take ownership of their learning.

This week A Team share their inquiry learning with their favourite community - You! and each other. The students have been working hard finding the questions to focus their inquiry, researching and investigating their response and planning their action. This term's inquiry followed the theme: WHANAUNGATANGA. We specifically looked at Relationships & Community. Our intended outcome is to have a strong culture of friendship and trust in our A Team.

We hope you can come and share our learning on Thursday 6 March, between 9.00am-10.30am.

Below are some 'parts' of the inquiries you'll see:

Jodie, Samatra & Naomi (from A5) have written this poem as part of their inquiry slideshow.

Rixon's group have a song as part of their inquiry.

Noelani & Michaela's Relationship Game.

Ash, Zac, Con and Mihaka have made a google slideshow.

The inquiry process and modern practice encourages choice for students. Choice means they have to own their learning as it's driven by the choices they make and this is engaging. I'm very proud of the quality and variety of learning students have created and are now ready to share.

We hope to see you Thursday :)

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