Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 10 Inquiry Sharing

Last week our vertical learning community worked together to share our learning.

On Wednesday it was like a switch went on in A5 and 6. Students were busy transforming the typical classroom learning environments into a place where they could share creatively:

We had a great turn out of friends and whanau who came to share the morning with A Team students. The sharing had been planned by the students and contributed towards ownership of their achievements.

We enjoyed a range presentations all linked to the context : Whanangautanga

The Relationship Puppet Show in A4:

A2 made a gorgeous slideshow about how they can be a good friend:

And of course the raft of presentations from A5 & A6:

I wish I'd taken more footage as I wandered around the classrooms and engaged with the students in their sharing.

Thank you for all the feedback and positive comments and emails that have been shared. We look forward to seeing how next term's inquiry sharing looks. 

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