Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Learning Conversations 24/05/17

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night and engaging in meaningful conversation about your child's learning so far this year.

The students have been really busy over the last week putting together and rehearsing what they want to share with you. Their control over the google domain and the progress they have made in knowing themselves as learners and responding to their learning goals, I hope will be clearly evident.

They are very aware that their classroom, especially the teaching and learning is very different from when we went to school, before the 1 to 1 platform was feasible and are excited to share what they have produced with their greatest fans - you! They will show you why it is important to learn how to use the tools they have to get the best effect in their learning, how they utilise the google domain to share their learning and what, where and how they access learning. As well as explaining their curriculum achievement, learning goals and next learning steps.

Much of what we have explored this year in regard to sharing and engaging in learning sits within the Google Apps for Education platform (now referred to as the G-Suite) and first and foremost they have been learning how to use these effectively:

Students use Drive to store their work. Part of my practice is to give students choice as this promotes ownership of learning. Students will be sharing with you using a combination of slides, drawings, docs and sites. YouTube I believe is one of the best teachers on the planet and a common default for anyone wanting to know anything - we use it a lot to help us find out how to do the things we don't know. My students now have access to gmail and I find it the best platform for feedback there is right now. We are about to start blogging and will soon be using forms to gather information. I believe they have come along way in 14 short weeks :)

Last week, I introduced sites to those ready and wanting. For about 2 days I was the expert. Now, I have students more adept within the program than my limited skills of building and designing. The biggest step I made becoming a better teacher was accepting this and letting go of the 'locus of control'. I love that students have ownership and control over their learning and their learning outcomes.

Tomorrow night I hope you see this too!

I look forward to the questions you ask (even the curly ones! Especially the curly ones), the feedback you will provide your child and the sense of accomplishment I know they'll feel after making you proud. See you tomorrow...

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