Thursday, May 4, 2017


I really couldn't let this day go ahead without celebration and acknowledgement. This morning, I explained to A6 why I held STAR WARS in such high regard, as I attempted to be Princess Leia.

When Sam Gilmore emailed us the link on Monday, in anticipation of the day I just had to adapt the planning to accommodate :)

A6 had an awesome time exploring today. It's times like this that you view core curriculum (I'm talking about Literacy in the main but also math, digital fluency and collaboration) in a different light. When you see how engaged students are in the learning and absolutely loving it, you see how easy it can be to be a learner. And how motivating.

Check out some of the creative responses to todays exploration:

This is Ajay's. I wonder if graphic design or advertising could be in his future? He also dressed up and brought in props which I used to add authenticity to my outfit (and because I didn't want anyone to think I had a strange dress sense, ha!)

And I love this by Dylan:

By Marco:

And finally, from Noelani and Serenayde (to share just a few):

It's been a great day :). I'll finish with why STAR WARS has always been special to me. STAR WARS was the first movie I really remember seeing at the movies. I remember going with mum, dad and my brothers and being transfixed the whole way through. I fell in love with Luke, wanted to be Princess Leia and grow up to be a Jedi :). We 'played' STAR WARS at school. Three years later that intro music once again sent shivers down my spine and again three years after that. Hard to believe we had to wait 16 years for the story to begin. The Phantom Menace came out the year Matt was born.

Then, two years later Hannah came along and Matt got really sick. He ended up in Starship for a couple of weeks and when we got him home he was pretty wiped out. He watched a lot of TV. At the time we hadn't started the children's video collection and the best we had on hand was (you guessed it) STAR WARS. He loved it and we have since watched all of them many, many times. The pictures I bought into the classroom are from his bedroom wall.

Thanks for an awesome day A6. MAY THE FOURTH (always) BE WITH YOU

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