Wednesday, May 17, 2017

We are getting ready to Blog :)

I'm so excited and I know A6 students are too! We have been learning and creating around the theme of how to share our learning in today's digital landscape.

Tonight my students blogs were built and added to the class blog. You'll notice these sitting to the right.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to James Hopkins from CORE Education for his time, expertise and humour for helping me build these tonight. Without his technical assistance we would never have achieved my goal of visibility for the students in A6. James you truly add value to me as a teacher and learner, we all send our heart felt thanks! Credit must also go to the Ako Hiko Education Trust, the Manaiakalani Education Trust and CORE Education for creating visible resources to enable this programme to happen.

In giving students access to blogs we are enabling an opportunity to share far wider than the four walls of the classroom. Coupled with the CyberSmart programme, students make careful choices around what they share and keep their personal identity safe at all times. Having the chance to share far and wide helps make learning more purposeful and pushes learners to think about the authentic audience they would like to reach. Lastly, the blog is not the end point for learning. The sharing of work to the wider world means that new perspectives are added and learners revisit the learning based on the feedback of the online community.

Very soon A6 students will be ready to start their own digital footprint. These will go with them as they move through life and become a meaningful and positive digital reminder of learning, skills, life, loves, triumphs, failures and more.

I can't wait to see them embrace this new world of sharing and have you and all those they value see and contribute to their learning journey as it unfolds.

Watch this space .... :)

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