Monday, May 1, 2017

Welcome back to Term 2!

What an exciting term we have ahead! It was so much fun seeing everyone's reaction to 'what was new' in the classroom and on the cards to study this term. Moving out of the family home during the holidays meant my kids got rid of a number of things we are able to take advantage of in our learning environment.

Students were very quick to recognise that our context for learning this term will be heavily science based. I wonder what gave that away :)                                                                 

This week in A6 we are focusing on reigniting our learning goals and behaviour. Students have established the use of data notebooks and from their assessment results, peer feedback, my observations and conferencing with them they have written learning goals that will support their next learning steps. My goal is to encourage self-motivated learners who hold achievement in high regard. So, although we don't set structured homework we know that learning doesn't and shouldn't stop at the three o'clock bell. As students develop a learning conscience I expect you to see them accessing their learning at home.

I have attached links that students use in class to support their learning and there is nothing stopping them accessing them at home. Please ask them about how they use these to support their learning:


Or ask them to show you their DRIVE. This is their online workbook and will include as much if not more than the 'olden days' books we have been used to until very recently.

The other difference this week and next to 'normal' classroom routine will be the afternoons. In A-Team our inquiry goal is to provide opportunities to learn and grow together as a vertical team. To do this we decided to facilitate provocations in cross-grouped class structures. So every afternoon over the next two weeks students have been 're-classed' into groups of Year 1-6. A copy of this can be accessed HERE.

Each afternoon students will rotate around A-Team rooms engaged in discovery experiments focused on the changing nature of matter. I had heaps of fun this afternoon with my group but don't want to give away to much as not all of A6 have been with me yet. Couldn't resist adding a bit of media though :):


Looking forward to all the learning that will transpire throughout Term 2 :)
Please be in touch with any questions, queries or concerns you may have:

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