Sunday, May 14, 2017

When Leaders Support and Serve

The last assembly we had at WGP was hosted by students from A6.

We were really proud of our Year 6 representatives :

Nate (Nathaniel)
Mikatla (Mikayla - she loves cats :)!) &
Rosie (Shay-Rose - she likes Rosie)

They were given choice and decided to present from the perspective of "The Guy Williams Show". Although I was not a 'Guy Williams' fan, I was not even aware 'Guy Williams' had a show, who he was or that NZ kids gave him such a following but from the audience response I was clearly in the minority.

The title of this post may have you confused! The reason I am writing 'they' instead of 'we' is because Kevin leads the assemblies at school. I had nothing to do and nothing to organise. I'd like to take this opportunity to say; "Thanks, Kevin" for taking something away from an already overfull teachers "things I need to do" in order to provide the best learning environment and opportunities for A6 and A Team. It is so, so appreciated.

The down side of that is that I had no idea teachers would be used in the show as cast members. This was a complete surprise and I know my students would berate me if I didn't also include the following two clips : (Sorry Graham, Ha!)


  1. Hi Kate,

    What a great post and one I enjoyed reading. It's fantastic to see students being givent the opportunity to explore their learning using a lens they feel most comfortable with. The opportunity to personalise a concept enriches the outcomes. Coupled with the support for removing workload in order to provide time for this means a successful outcome at all levels. I really appreciate the time taken to reflect on this and share it with the wider community.

    CORE Education

  2. Flawless and legendary blog, Full of sublime and virtuosic words.