Monday, June 19, 2017

On the surface this blog hasn't changed, but....

I feel remiss in not adding what A6 have been up to over the last 2 weeks!

Sorry for that. I do have a very good reason. I may not have been adding to the A6 blog as I usually do about our 'noticings' each week but I have been here more often than ever.

It's been a very exciting couple of weeks as the students in A6 drafted, shared, got feedback and launched their first baby step into what will be the inception of their life-long digital footprint. They started blogging!

I'm really proud of how seriously they have taken the learning and how excited they are about sharing their learning on such a broad scale, receiving and providing responses across a range of contexts with a diverse audience. I'm not sure they really comprehend how massive a step it is they've made.

Look right to find A6 student blogs. 
Please comment, they're dying to hear what people think of their learning efforts.

Or see below for a couple of examples:

Kate's post about 'The Beast'
Hi everyone, it's Kate.Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about what we have been doing in class. We are learning about what our beast is and what it does when it comes out. 

This is the video we watched:

My beast comes out when I'm angry, sad, scared or anxious. Normally when he does come out I feel like punching or kicking someone or something (but obviously I wouldn't punch anyone) so going to karate/doing Thai-chi is great for releasing anger or sadness.

This is my beast - Freddy Fright:

These are some of the things you should do if your beast comes out:
Change the subject/task,
Find support,
Reflect on why you're angry/sad/anxious,
Do something you love,
Go somewhere that calms your beast,

Everyone has got a BEAST.
What does your beast look like?, what's it's name?, what do you do when your beast gets angry? These are all good things for everyone to think about.

That's all from me, for today, so goodbye (for now).

Ajay's post, introducing himself to the network out there...
I’m Ajay W! I’m just a normal kid. Yea...really...really normal…. Who really loves Lord of Rings! I mean Lord of the Rings is like,
my life!

There’s a really strong meaning behind it! Don’t let power take control of you and respect nature and the world the way it is, or you will turn into a Wraith.  I respect Tolkien as my idol.  He has such a creative mind, and pure imagination. He spends long hours trying to create a world that doesn’t exist.

Einstine thing intro #2.jpgI also respect a few other people in my life.

Peter Jackson (for bringing to life the worlds authors describe to the big screen), Albert Einstein (for figuring out the biggest questions in life), Steven Spielberg (doing the same thing as Peter), Michael Faraday (for discovering the magnetic field) and others.

But let me talk about my learning journey. I’m a 10 year old student who is really passionate about the mind.
I think learning is about seeing the world through somebody else's eye. I think we all have different eyes and we all see the world in a different way.

Intro #4.jpgAnd I think that the purpose of writing this blog, is to show ‘you’ what I see in my eye.

Intro #5.jpgI don’t need to tell you class information, because every post is going to include that, so there is no point.

Do me a favour and tell me what you see in the comment section below. Oh and hey! Follow me to see my learning journey evolve. I mean I’m gonna make a coke rocket to fit a Flynn inside and blast them off…! Pretty interesting, right?

I would follow me, I mean like you don't have to, I’m just saying it’s right here. Man… this is awkward..umm…
I’ll go……………………………… Peace out brah!

Cade shared about our initiative towards earning our Trusted Learner Licence (TLL)
Hey guys.
About  2 weeks  ago my teacher Mrs Harland made up a 'Trusted Learner License', so we can't listen to you-tube or any of our own songs without first earning our TLL. So, we're making digital badges  like a : Chrome badge, Writing badge, Reading badge, Inquiry badge, Math badge and a Responding badge, that's the one that I am doing but there are still a lot more badges. Responding means how we give feedback.
And yes of course mine is finished. 

Here's a video on you-tube about badges?

Oh I haven't told why we're making the badges,

when we've got all the badges then we can watch you-tube and stuff because we would have earned our 'Trusted Learner Licence'. 

We hope you enjoy this new way we are sharing our learning and look forward to reading your responses :)

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