Monday, July 3, 2017

End of term in an inquiry based classroom

There is always a keen sense of excitement as the full inquiry cycle comes to fruition.

This week students in A5 & A6 will be teaching the concept they were curious enough about to investigate more. They have collaborated in groups to ensure the deep understanding of their science concept is taught effectively to a group of their choice.

I know the students will be blogging about their lessons and sharing the DLO (Digital Learning Object) they have created on their own blogs so make sure you take a look at them and leave a comment :).

Below are some photos of today's lessons.

Kate, Isla, Ashlie-Marie and Michaella teach a lesson about volcanoes:

Cade, Lebron and Robin taught their lesson about reactions when certain chemicals combine:



Cooper and Jai shared their knowledge about the properties of matter:


And the last lesson today was Isla, Shay-Rose and Mikayla showing ALL of A1 how the properties of matter can change through engaging in some super yummy cooking:


It has certainly been a big learning curve for the Year 5 & 6 students. Some of the really engaging lessons will be repeated and filmed on Thursday so keep an eye out for more as the final week of term unravels.

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