Friday, September 8, 2017

Most Likely To Succeed

Yesterday I got sent a link to a documentary that explores why some students will be more likely to succeed in our world of exponential change.

It identifies specific moments in time that identify and define why a knowledge based curriculum is no longer what our children need and how it is our responsibility to make changes in order to prepare our students for the world they will work in.

It particularly highlights the plight of 'middle income' society and uses hard data to prove that the industrialised education system revolutionised in Prussia at the end of the 19th century to cater for the needs of the workforce of the day is no longer a system our students will thrive in.

Now that knowledge can be obtained so easily and skills once executed by people are now being catered for by machines the drop in jobs available is becoming an ever increasing concern. How do we prepare our young people for a future where many of the vocations that used to be highly sought after don't even exist anymore and many of the careers they will go into are yet to be thought of?

The film explores compelling new approaches that aim to shift teaching and learning as we know it, inspiring us to reimagine what students and teachers are capable of. I shared the first 10 minutes of the feature-length documentary with A6 today as it explains some of my drivers and why it can 'feel' different to learn in our classroom. Learning behaviour is elevated far beyond content as learning to learn and ownership of learning takes the front seat.

A number of students were really engaged and although the audience is targeted at adults they totally got into the messages I wanted them to get. They asked me if I could send them the link and am happy to do that. It is a provocative watch and I would highly recommend it as 'family viewing'. The link will only be FREE TO VIEW until TUESDAY 12 SEPTEMBER.

Enjoy :). Let me know if you have any questions regarding the content.

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