Tuesday, September 12, 2017

WGP Book Day - Wednesday 13 September

LOVE BOOKS?               LOVE READING?                 SURE DO!

Tomorrow at WGP we celebrate all things BOOKISH.

We have a number of fun and engaging things planned across A Team but in particular in A5/6.

See below for tomorrows agenda:

Block 1

- Speeches :)   (ha! sorry, thought we'd get the 'must dos'
                        over at the beginning of the day)

- Reading Scavenger Hunt

Block 2

- Reading, planning and presenting plays

- Storytime swap

Block 3

- Guest reader

Reading ROX our SOX afternoon.
You are welcome to bring the things you love when reading:

  • Your book :)
  • PJs or Onsies welcome, YEEHA!
  • Blankie/snuggle sac/teddy bear/pillow etc

Looking forward to BOOK DAY!

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