Sunday, February 18, 2018

First Full Week 2018

Kia ora te whanau.

What a wonderful week it's been. It is so good to be back in the learning environment with no excuse but to try learning. I love it.

Even though many of us knew each other from 2017 we valued 're-teaming' and research says this is a must for any new group wishing to collaborate effectively. So, this week we asked ourselves:

What does a classroom look like if everyone cared?
What kind of classroom do we want?

This led us to asking:

How will we achieve the big values? What are ours?
What does ORCA mean to us?

We talked about the culture we wanted in M2. How ORCA will focus us to achieve an environment where we can nurture and grow a strong sense of self, an awareness of who we are, how we connect and learn together in the environment we create. 


The big ORCA letters form part of our Term 1 Project which we got going on, on Friday:

Amongst all this serious team building discussion and collaboration we enjoyed getting to know each other and finding out how learning can be fun! Especially when we all have a voice and share the responsibility of learning!

On Wednesday it was WHEELS DAY! I love Whanga School. I think our bike track is such a cool point of difference. What other school can boast such an awesome resource. Learning looked and felt very different and we were exhausted at the end of the day. 

Taking this opportunity to give a big 'shout out' to Debbie for the organisation and sausage sizzle - WHEELS DAY WAS CRAZY AMAZING!!!

Most of M2 bought wheels and some even dressed up and had some fun! Great job Kristin :)

Interesting how sometimes learning like this connects us to other learning seemingly totally unrelated. Let me explain:

One of the wheels day activities was the WONKY BIKE and I had assumed it was like the backwards bike used to prove how bias is so difficult to overcome. 

Once you can ride a bike you can always ride a bike, right? That's what the research says. But only if the conditions are the same, ie, when you turn the handle bars to the right the bike will turn right. Change this and you can no longer ride a bike. See the clip we watched and discussed to show how bias in our brain sets our thinking:


We enjoyed experts sharing bike maintenance and helmet checks, etc. and the amount of sausages necessary for the school sausage sizzle was simply extraordinary:


Looking forward to a busy third week....

What's on:

We start using our devices in our learning 
Swimming - Monday
Cricket with Ramesh - Tuesday

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