Monday, February 26, 2018

Week 2 Occurings & Wonderings...

Our second full week gave me a real understanding and appreciation for 'knowing your environment'.

On Monday we started our swimming lessons at the leisure centre and it was a real pleasure to know how that organisation rolled.



Throughout the week I continued to get gentle reminders that everything at the start of this year lacked the utter bewilderment the start to 2017 had been. Coming into the WGP School environment for the first time and trying to figure out how things worked around here, or any new place is challenging. It made me realise how students feel at the beginning of each year and how transitioning or moving schools is really difficult. We need to prepare our Year 6s so they can do that in 2019.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not adverse to challenge it's just really nice to have things familiar so we can get faster into our learning and what's important. I hope the students feel like this too. Especially the Year 6s who have stayed together with me as their teacher.

I'm looking forward to seeing their progress over the next week as they engage in the national Progress & Achievement Tasks they have done every year since Year 3. Remind them to rest, eat well and have a growth mindset as they engage in these tasks.

Last week students worked on completing their letter to their teacher. I was really impressed with some of the creativity the students used to publish their efforts. See a few examples below. Names have been omitted as much of what is shared is very personal. I respect how honest M2 students have been:



Last week we also got our XTRAMATH Logins. Students are encouraged to spend 10 minutes everyday on this, strengthening their basic facts knowledge and recall expertise.
To go to the Extramath website CLICK HERE.

It has been great to get going where we left off in regards to the collaborating partnership Sam Unwin and I have developed over the past year. Opportunities to engage together will just grow. This last week we enjoyed the Cybersmart programme and getting to know each other playing speed date table tennis/badminton. It was great fun.

To finish the week we officially welcomed all the new staff, students and families to Whangaparaoa School with a Powhiri. Always a powerful experience and so much more enjoyable being one of the 'welcomers' and a real theme of this blog and a concept worth unpacking more at a later date maybe.

Looking forward to a busy Week 4 with the awesome M2 - Learners on the Edge!:

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