Sunday, February 11, 2018

Welcome to 2018

Welcome to the M2 blog for the 2018 school year.

It seems to have been such a long break and everyone has been more than ready to start back.
Last week flew by. I loved connecting with my new students and adored reconnecting with the old ones :)

2018 is unusual for me as it is the first year where I have kept my Year 5s from 2017 and after 2 days of 'proper' class I can honestly say it does NOT feel like a new class at all. I am looking forward to the Year 6s bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in how things work for us in M2 and being real role models to the new Year 5s who have joined our team.

I'm excited to be working alongside Sam Unwin for the second year and we are joined by Mark Shearer in M4 who also has a Year 5/6 class. We are all future-focused educators and looking forward to collaborating together with and for our students.

Highlights of the first week:

Whanau Connect meeting - these are such an amazing opportunity to sit down with students and family and really engage in some deep and meaningful 'blue sky thinking', as in what can we achieve together in 2018? It was an opportunity to share values and philosophies, school and class vision and set goals, as well as get to know each other better.

The M2 Team - Learners on the Edge


The conversations - during the first couple of days we continued to get to know each other, bond as a team and develop our MATEs agreement (Mutually Accepted Terms of Engagement). We have been exploring our strengths, passions and aspirations and the conversations students have engaged in have shown that they are ready to work hard and support each other when; the going gets tough, our resilience is tested or we just can't find our grit to get out of the pit.

I wanted to get a strong start on student voice. Because so many of us were the same as last year I wanted to know what they loved about working together and what could be worked on to improve the learning experience. What did we do that was great? What do we want to get rid of? and What could we do better?

There was strong support for the continuation of Learner Licences, passion projects, setting our own timetables for learning and using digital devices to access, create and share learning.

In the coming week we will look closely at The Treaty and prepare the one we will follow in M2. Part of this will mean defining ORCA and what that means to us. We have wheels day on Wednesday and cricket training starts Tuesday after lunch. The Year 5/6 pool day is Thursday.

It's good to be back! It really doesn't feel like a beginning - just a very happy continuation of learning.... Stay tuned to see what that looks like!

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