Sunday, March 18, 2018

Week 6 is over! This is what it involved....

Well it was another busy week at WGP School with loads of events, excitement and new things commencing.

It is a perfect week to introduce the third of the seven "Principles of Learning" according to the Educational Research division of the OECD:

Learning is Social! A strong innovative learning environment is founded on the social nature of learning and actively encourages well-organised co-operative learning. There will always be a place for personal development and practicing learned skills but research shows that when engaging in learning something for the first time we do it better with others to bounce our ideas off. Even the most brilliant minds throughout history contribute their brilliance to the support, encouragement and different perspectives of others in their learning environment. We can now truly value that.

This week we were very social in our learning pursuits :)

At WGP this year we are working in VLC groups just like last year but we also are connected to a SUPERTEAM (that's a team that's super at it, Ha!)

Our SuperTeam is ALL of the M, T & L classes and we have all come together to create a meaningful response to this terms inquiry. Because the first principle (you'll remember) is putting the learners at the centre of learning we got the students to think about how they could respond to this terms theme:
LEARNING TO LEARN. This is the padlet of ideas they came up with:

Or go HERE to see the webpage.

We will be meeting several times a week to progress our projects. There are projects around digital technologies, dance and drama, music, writing and visual arts. I will post photos as the projects develop and take shape.

On Thursday we had swimming sports and not the proverbial sit and wait till it's your race kind of swimming sports we had in my day. No, this years Senior School Swimming Carnival had a much different feel and flavour to it. The kids loved the day!

The day started with all three groups meeting in the hall for a look at expectations for the event:

Then after we got to the pools the three groups were kept busy the entire time. There were, of course, the races where students competed at 3 different levels - Competitive, Semi-competitive & Fun:

The other activities the students engaged in were:

  • Fun Olympics in Gym 1
  • The Splash Pad was a favourite
  • Human Hungry Hippos - an absolute hit with the kids!
The students got back to school thoroughly shattered after an awesome swimming carninval.

Thanks to Mr Geeves who planned and executed this awesome senior school event.

Good Luck to our school swim team at the inter-school competition coming up.

On Friday we had our first STUDENT LED PASSION CLASSES. This really warmed my heart as I wandered through the learning environments witnessing the best teaching and learning I've seen in a long time. Students teaching students is a powerful thing. I think the pics speak for themselves:

Gymnastics with Georgia and Emily, Puzzles with the cubemaster - Taiga, Coding with Ashton, Austin & Skip, Zara, Apollo, Patrick & Ant led the Art group, Sports on the field: Coby, Nick & Jayden took Touch rugby, Noah T, Jack & Zach did cricket & Stan & Bekks - football skills, Chess and Math games with Noah & Aidan, Cooking classes with Gabe & Leith

A couple of options were postponed due to students on Quest trips or absent but on the whole the students thoroughly enjoyed the diferent opportunity and our VLC teachers were blown away by the maturity and responsibility of our student leaders. Every one is looking forward to more next Friday!

And finally, our learning this week wrapped around the magnificent school Gala event. In math our problem solving tasks all related to gala scenarios and students engaged in designing their own Gala stall and all that involves. Plus they wrote and several even presented today their advertisement call for the quick fire raffle. They were certainly better at it than me! So, to close off this blog post sharing all the "SOCIAL" 'Learners on the edge' opportunities we have engaged in during week 6 a cheeky snap of the only experience I got of our fantastic gala event:

The Quick Fire Raffle was lots of banter and fun. Thank you to all the students who came to help us out (It was lovely seeing so many of last years Year 6s too), Thanks to all the parents who helped out, especially Clare. Can't wait for next years :)

Roll on Week 7 and all that involves.


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