Monday, March 26, 2018

Week 7

Yet another busy week has gone by at WGP starting with the GALA on Sunday.

Starting the week on Sunday unfortunately felt like the rest of the week wasn't anywhere near as well organised as I would have liked. You only have so much capacity :).

Tuesday was the Whangaparaoa School's inaugural TRYathlon and what a huge success this event was. It was just another awesome example of how 'social' learning can bring more to learning than core curriculum.

This week's Principle of Learning I would like to highlight tells us that teaching the individual is imperative. Targeting individual differences is every teachers responsibility. The first 6 weeks of term focused on working towards that. Learning about ourselves as learners, what's important to learn and what's important learning, means students can begin to understand their own learning needs and together we can attend to them individually.

The learning environment is acutely sensitive to the individual differences among the learners in it, including their prior knowledge. Students differ in a myriad ways regarding their abilities, competencies, motivations and emotions; they differ too in their linguistic, cultural and social backgrounds. These differences significantly affect what happens in classrooms and the learning
taking place.......

Technology is an important means to individualise information, communication and
materials. Formally recording individual progress, with the active involvement of the
learners themselves, permits the information to move from inside the teacher’s head to
become more visible and useful – to the learner, to the teachers in general and to others,

As the learning becomes more personalised, the active role of the learners themselves
The digital devices students use to access their learning and make their learning visible now gives us greater ability and chance to identify learning gaps and fill these with appropriate learning clinics/on-line tutorials/targeted practice/peer teaching opportunities/wide and varied forms of feedback and feedforward.

Last week teachers across New Zealand held a meeting to address the needs of Teaching and Learning in our schools and one of the top reasons on that agenda was giving teachers the capacity and facility to do just that. This is what the union put out last week in regards to supporting our sector:
"In 2018, we’ll be making the message loud and clear – It’s Time. Time to lead, teach and learn.
This means freeing teachers to teach so every child receives the personal attention they need to learn and thrive. It means freeing principals to focus on leading and it means ensuring we have enough teachers by attracting more people to teaching, by respecting them as professionals and paying them properly.
Our students come to school to learn all the skills and abilities that they’ll need to grow up healthy, happy and productive in the 21st century. Our nation can afford to ensure every child receives the education they need to succeed in life, and for every educator to be trusted and resourced to make that a reality. It’s simply a matter of priorities.
As we head into negotiations for the Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement this year, we’ll be standing together for our students and for an education system that values, attracts and retains the amazing teachers who are entrusted with the education of our children." NZEI (New Zealand Education Institute)

One of the ways we will be attending to that in M2 will be the students 'My Weekly Learning Journal' that will develop and grow each week as they attend to their learning goals and develop a journal of journal they can share through Linc-Ed and to the world when they start blogging next term.

Ask your child to see theirs every now and again. It looks like this:

This week ends with the Easter break and I for one am looking forward to a recharge of the batteries! Have an awesome week 8 everyone...

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