Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Week 8 Learning Principle 5 - Stretching all students

A couple of things happened last week that positively impacted my ability to attend to the individual needs of my students and ensure the learning is 'Just Right' for my learners.

People in education call it finding the "Zone of Proximal Development", I like it when it's called the Goldilocks Zone. When learning is not too easy, not too hard, but just right! When students are stretched and challenged enough for them to continue developing resilience and grit to be successful and ready to meet the next challenge.

The first thing that happened was, we spent time with our colleagues finding out how to track our students next learning steps through the new Student Management System (SMS) - Linc-Ed, introduced this year. It's functionality will very soon become apparent to all as we "SWITCH ON' tomorrow and whanau will be able to see and track the learning of their kids.

I have no idea what the parent view will look like but for me I can quickly see what learning goals students should be focusing on and so can they. Therefore, being able to really drill down into their learning using evidence to write focused goals is going to, I believe, mean greater progress and engagement over time. At least, that's the intent.

Here is an example of the information it shows me in the area of reading. The student has competed Level 1 & 2 expectations and is working in Level 3 of the curriculum and next steps in learning are identified for student progress:

Students will have a page like this for Reading, Writing, Math, ORCA values and Learning Assets (and that is just to start with) and using these pages students will be able to attend to their learning goals the best they can.

The next thing that happened was Kevin shared an updated version of the Whangaparaoa School Annual Plan. This was written in response to the work the whole community did around:

IMAGINE A SCHOOL.... in the second half of 2017. This was a link on our document, I shared it with M2 and think it's gorgeous:

Click to download the PDF Free version of Imagine A School
From the Blog of Sonya Terborg, an international educator into innovation, creativity and passion. This was a great reminder that students are very capable and willing to stretch their own learning given the right circumstances :)

And finally, my brother shared me in on this cute post:

I want M2 students to really think about what their teacher really needs to know in regards to them learning their best. What would their tee-shirt say about them in the learning environment? That and their next learning steps from Linc-Ed could see us onto a WIN-WIN learning outcome for all.

I would really like to hear your thoughts, questions, queries and comments about Linc-Ed, stretching students or any of the other Principles of Learning. Ask away....

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  1. Finally, I just had to say a huge THANK YOU to all the students and Claire who helped get us ready for this weeks sharing. That can't be said better than with this awesome jump shot taken without my knowledge last week. That's what happens when you leave them with your phone http://www.scoutstervuren.com/