Monday, April 30, 2018

Welcome to Term 2

It was an exciting day back after a well deserved break from the structured side of learning :)

The end of Term 1 was the typical maniacal build up to project completion that I've come to know and love. Our part of the signpost project was completed in the nick of time (as in I found myself putting the finishing touches on in the holiday break). We now wait for Alex to supply the post and after the playground in the middle of our quad was demolished during the holidays I anticipate that not being a problem.


Typically a teachers non-contact break is filled with teachery things. Assessment, Planning, Reflecting, etc. For me this break was filled more with learning. One of the things that is different about teaching in a one-to-one device classroom is that I am no longer the 'expert' in the room and learning has become a much bigger part of teaching than it was when I started my career. Shouldn't learning be a big part of teaching though - I think so.

In the first week of the break I was at the Google Summit conference and that has provided me with some exciting ideas we have already started discussing as project options today. A goal of mine is to take the exams and become a certified Google Educator this year so it was an excellent opportunity to network with other like minded teachers and educators for an immersion into all things Google :)

The best part was connecting with other educators and sharing stories and practice. From those discussions and the guidance of an absolutely indespensible coach/mentor I was able to access some pretty amazing visible learning, teachers were doing with their students.

It's prompted a pretty big overhaul of the class learning site we access our learning from. After only a day of introduction I've had more student sharing than in almost the whole of last term. Great job M2.

I'd love any feedback from students and/or whanau on what you think of the new site :

I am looking forward to sharing more about teaching and learning and how that looks in M2 as the term progresses. This term's focus is PERFORMANCE ART. We will be working as a Year 5/6 horizontal group to put on a production at the end of the term and also engaging in related projects during other content areas. Some proposed term projects are:
  • 360 degree Google photo tour of Whangaparaoa School
  • video highlighting the great things about M2
Here's a video we watched about a Christchurch class that took on that project:

Really keen to see what other related projects students come up with during the week. We will share back our ideas as they come up.

Stay tuned. It's going to be a fantastic Term 2!


  1. Kia ora M2
    Nau mai, haere mai, welcome to Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu. My name is Tania, I am a Manaiakalani Outreach Facilitator for Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu and I live in Whangarei, not far from where you live in Auckland. Have any of you ever ventured this far North? I am looking forward to checking out your blog this term and seeing the incredible learning and creating happening in your class. I hope you all enjoy checking out other class blogs and leaving them positive, thoughtful, helpful comments.
    Ngā manaakitanga

    1. Kia ora Tania. My name is Kate and I am the very fortunate teacher of M2 at Whangaparaoa School. Most of us have been up to the beautiful north where you come from. Lots of us go camping up past there at Christmas time.
      We are really excited about getting back to our learning blogs after supporting the new Year 5s into the CyberSmart programme and blogging during term 1 this year.
      Thank you in advance for providing feedback to my amazing students on their learning journey.
      Looking forward to seeing you online again soon.
      Ka kite